About us

Freight Mark Viet Nam is proud to be a subsidiary of Freight Mark Group – one of the top three transport companies in Malaysia which was established in 1987. With the constant development and improvement of service quality Then in 2014, Freight Mark officially expanded into Vietnam with the motto of becoming a reliable Logistics service provider for all business partners. With a network of offices throughout not only Malaysia but also in Southeast Asian countries, and more than 6697 partners worldwide, Freight Mark is proud to serve and support customers promptly, anytime, anywhere.

Advanced technology

For nearly a decade, we’ve constantly improved on cutting-edge technology to get the job done efficiently and quickly at the right price. Diversifying means of transport and applying new technology in facilities at the warehouse to ensure the best experience for customers, besides optimizing data and having price consistency with many options. attractive options to suit the needs of partners in Vietnam.

Always be proactive

Each member of Freight Mark Vietnam understands very well the needs and difficulties of customers, so we always want to help and bring to customers the most suitable solution, from quality to price. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly tackle market challenges, providing our customers with the best transportation experience.


Safety and security.

We value safety in the process of working not only at the office but also outside. Trust, help and unite to develop to become the guideline of each member of Freight Mark Vietnam. In addition, the absolute security of customer data when using services at Freight Mark Vietnam.

Accept the challenge

Understanding the flexible and volatile nature of the world transport market in general and in Vietnam in particular, we are not afraid of challenges but are ready to pioneer in many different fields, creating opportunities for ourselves. enterprise. When facing difficulties, the first thing to do is unite to find timely solutions, respect each other to promote successful cooperation with customers.


We value individuality, regardless of religion, status, country… proudly welcoming everyone with open arms so that we can serve you in the best way. We understand and respect all personal opinions, create talents and perspectives, only then can we learn and cultivate knowledge from our partners.


  • Warehousing service
  • Delivery at the factory
  • Supply chain and hard supply
  • Customs clearance
  • Domestic, international, air and sea transportation.

All services of Freight Mark Vietnam are available for any type of cargo, from any origin or destination of interest to the customer. With an experienced and dynamic team, Freight Mark Vietnam will provide customers with professional solutions to suit all customer requirements.

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